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Petition: Stop Nuclear Israel – One Million Voices in the United Nations

The aim is to ensure Israel accepts the IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities, an essential step for the declaration of the Middle East as a nuclear-weapon-free-zone.  Signatures will be submitted to the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly.

Learn more from the Stop Israel Nuclear Global Campaign here.

Sign the petition here.

Launch of petition against army recruitment in schools

Cymdeithas y Cymod, (the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales)has launched a petition calling on the British Armed Forces to stop recruiting school children:

Britain is the only country out of the 27 in the EU to recruit children 16 years old to the armed forces. The armed forces target their recruitment on the schools in the most deprived areas of Wales. Britain is the only country in the EU to allow military presence in its schools. ”We call on the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to legislate to stop the armed forces from going into schools in Wales to recruit children to join.”

Full details here.

Stop the JNF… Stop Greenwashing Apartheid

The Jewish National Fund, or ‘JNF’, continues to serve as a global fundraiser for Israeli colonization and apartheid. Despite its complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity, and despite its status as a chartered agent of the State of Israel, the JNF and its affiliate organizations enjoy charitable status in over 50 countries as environmental charities. These JNF branches worldwide also work to muster the political support necessary for legitimizing and promoting Israeli apartheid, a task greatly facilitated by the political, economic and cultural elites in each country that have signed on as JNF patrons.

Join global civil society in a campaign to challenge the JNF—see full details and endorse the call to stop green washing apartheid.

Full details here.

Initiative in support of Palestinian refugee right to vote

This Facebook page is supporting Palestinian Refugees and Diaspora around the world to have VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS with their towns of origin/District on them, e.g. Haifa, Jaffa, Acre. This will also help the world ‘see and hear’ the refugees.

Full details here.

British Governments vs the Palestinians

This is a campaign to press our British Government

  • to publicly acknowledge that the policies and actions of previous administrations have had dreadful consequences for the Palestinians.
  • to thereby create a greater public understanding of the Palestinian tragic story  and of the present situation and contribute to reconciliation between the peoples in Palestine.
  • to resolve to right the wrongs Britain has done to the Palestinians.

Learn more here and follow the links to sign the petition in support of the campaign.

Statement condemning the imminent war in the Middle East

Policy makers and media outlets have been creating an increasingly hostile environment regarding the Middle East. Such an atmosphere will inevitably lead to fresh conflict in the region as the only viable result. To condemn such actions and express concern, signatories are being added to a letter entitled “Drums Beat for Another War in the Middle East”.

Read the full statement here, where you will find details for adding your support.

Petition: Stop the campaign of terror against Iran and its scientists Statement

“A just society can have no interest in stopping the peaceful progress of other nations and peoples.  No to another war for oil, no to foreign government domination and foreign corporate exploitation of Iran, or any other country. We urge all who oppose another war of ever greater massive destruction and death to speak out and act in this hour of maximum peril.”

Full details here.

Buy a Made in Palestine Kufiyeh

The Kufiyeh Project aims to ensure that Palestine’s only kufiyeh factory stays in business (and hopefully help it grow), by regularly buying from them in bulk and distributing worldwide. The family-run company produces this symbol of the Palestinian national struggle.

More info here.

More weapons is not the answer—CAAT petition

This year, weapons supplied by the UK have been deployed against democracy protesters in the Middle East and North Africa. The UK is still supplying arms to authoritarian regimes. Sign the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) petition to say ‘This is not OK!’

Full information here.

Support the victims of cluster bombs

Handicap International is calling on all States to ensure that landmines and cluster bombs are no longer a daily threat to civilians and an obstacle to the development of affected countries. Learn more here.

Sign the petition here.

Don’t Attack Iran: Sign the Statement

The Stop the War Coalition petition will be delivered to Downing Street, addressed to the British Prime Minister:

“We are extremely concerned at reports that plans are being drawn up for an attack on Iran. The case being made for war on Iran is based on a series of speculations about ‘undisclosed nuclear-related activities’ reminiscent of the disproven ‘intelligence’ about weapons of mass destruction used to justify the disastrous attack on Iraq” . . . .

Full details here.

Register now for Viva Palestina 6-The Return Convoy

The sixth aid convoy organised by Viva Palestina is aiming to enter Gaza in time to commemorate the onslaught on the people of Gaza represented by Operation Cast Lead.

There will be a significant change in the form that the convoy will take this time. Rather than travelling from London through Europe as before, we intend to purchase all aid and vehicles in Egypt itself, with the convoyers travelling to Egypt either by boat from another Middle Eastern country or flying directly into Cairo itself.

Full details here.

Petition: Ask King’s College London to stop working with illegal Ahava

King’s College London is now working in collaboration with Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories –located in an illegal Israeli settlement. Sign the petition to call on King’s College London to end their complicity with occupation and apartheid!

Full details here.


Encourage your British MP to abide by British obligations under the Convention on Cluster Munitions and to sign in support of EDM 1478, regarding the storage of American cluster munitions on Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia is under British jurisdiction, although it is used primarily as an American military base.

To read the EDM : Click Here

To identify and contact your MP online: Click Here


Petition the UK government to implement the rights provided by international law to the citizens of Palestine. Created by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

To read and sign your support: Click Here