Ignorance and Incitement: Pro-Zionism on Facebook

by Brenda Heard

Recently, Ali Abunimah’s Blog on the Electronic Intifada addressed the “horrifying racism and violent fantasies frequently expressed by Israelis on Facebook.”  When asked what the Israeli army should do about three Palestinian boys pictured as participants in a peaceful protest over Israeli settlements, pro-Zionists suggested such niceties as “Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!”  A quick glance at the offensive Facebook page shows that this is quite the typical discussion.

Abunimah points out that there were some comments that shied away from such bloodlust, but still managed to “stereotype Arabs as monsters compared to ‘enlightened’ Israelis.”  One respondent said:

“Excuse me … I disagree… what do you mean ‘eliminate?’ What are we, an arm of Hamas or Hizballah? We are more enlightened. We should just return them safely where they came from.”

This patronising comment is worrisome in a different way from the simplistically crude posts of the others.  Perhaps more worrisome.  Because she objects to openly mafia-styled violence, we tend to welcome the appearance of reason.  But appearance is all it is.  Her comment indicates the belief that Hamas and Hizballah strive to “eliminate” Israelis—specifically young Israeli civilian boys, if you carry through with the analogy.  Her comment indicates the belief that members of these resistance groups are nothing more than the crude, sadistic villains she judges the shoot-and-burn-and-crush-them Facebook-posters to be.  Maybe if she thought the boys were somehow affiliated with Hamas, she too might be calling for an “Artillery training ‘mistake.’ ”

In reality, neither resistance group seeks to “eliminate” any group of people, as she implies.  Rather, they seek to repulse a belligerent and racist military force that masquerades as enlightened and entitled.  Sorry, oh enlightened one, but the Palestinians and Lebanese who resist the Zionist remaking of their homes, despite what you seem to think, do not have pogrom fantasies.  They seek to protect the homes and the lives of their families.  They simply seek justice and dignity.  But if you really do agree that you “should just return them safely where they came from,” there are quite a few refugees who would be glad of the news.

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  1. Brenda says:

    What do you know? “Israelis from a Negev kibbutz attacked a Bedouin village on Sunday [19 May 2013], setting fire to a tent.” http://maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=597177

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