A Dangerous Delusion: Why the West is Wrong about Nuclear Iran


Friends of Lebanon contributor David Morrison has co-authored a book with Peter Oborne, chief political commentator for the London Telegraph.  As publishers Elliot and Thompson describe this new work:

“In 2013 it is possible that Israel, backed by the United States, will launch an attack on Iran. This would be a catastrophic event, risking war, bloodshed and global economic collapse.

In this passionate, but rationally argued essay, the authors attempt to avert a potential global catastrophe by showing that the grounds for war do not exist, that there are no Iranian nuclear weapons, and that Iran would happily come to the table and strike a deal. They argue that the military threats aimed by the West against Iran contravene international law, and argue that Iran is a civilised country and a legitimate power across the Middle East.

For years Peter Oborne and David Morrison have, in their respective fields, examined the actions of our political classes and found them wanting. Now they have joined forces to make a powerful case against military action. In the wake of the Iraq war, will the politicians listen?”

A Dangerous Delusion is available on Amazon here.  Morrison’s earlier writing on Iran is at http://www.david-morrison.org.uk/iran/.


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  1. Alfred in Germany says:

    Iran is certainly on the agenda for Rothschild zionism. This will, of course lead to WWIII and holocaust-II.
    Our only hope in overcoming zionism is concentrating on zionism’s Achilles heel which is 9/11. Despite the fact that empirical evidence proves beyond any doubt that this heinous crime was a zionist false flag operation to bend the US to do what the zionists want the US to do, they have so far gotten away with it through their total control of all MSM (main stream media) in the west and the pure fear that most other institutions have of even talking about it. Now that is power. For a good assessment of the physical evidence go here:
    For a good summary of the prime suspects go here:

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