Welcome to the newly designed website for Friends of Lebanon. It has been nearly five years since the July War that prompted the formation of Friends of Lebanon. Much has happened since then. What has remained constant, though, is the people’s determination to keep working toward a ‘better and more peaceful Lebanon’. People around the world have insisted: there is a fascinating diversity in the Lebanese landscape and culture that offers something for everyone to treasure.

The Lebanese have been busy re-building. They are, however, at the heart of a region that is shaken and tense. They remain exposed to strategic exploitation. And so now, as much as ever, Lebanon deserves the support of its friends. Wherever in the world those friends call home, even if that home is in Lebanon itself, they can and should voice their support for a Lebanon where all are able to live in quiet pursuit of their dreams.

We thus encourage you to participate in the growth of Friends of Lebanon. Let us know what you think of the changes. Send an email. Join us on Facebook or stay in touch through Yahoo Groups. Get to know each other. Put forward your ideas to fill these new pages. Friendship is that easy.

Our next event in London is Wednesday, 25th May, Lebanese Resistance & Liberation Day.
Full details here. We will be welcoming Former Lebanese Minister Michel Samaha to London to join British MPs Andy Love and Michael Connarty in a discussion of the international role in the Arab world. If you are in the London area, please join us as we explore the history and politics of social challenge. If you are not able to come, consider joining the public discussion on the topic that we will post on the FOL Facebook page following the event. Meanwhile, please do help spread the word.

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