Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s Government Ministerial Statement

       Approved by the Lebanese Cabinet of Ministers on 30 June 2011.

      Received Lebanese Parliamentary vote of confidence on 7 July 2011.



1. The government emphasizes its adherence to the principle of the state’s unity and referential status in all matters concerning the country’s public policy so as to preserve Lebanon and its national sovereignty. These pillars, along with the constitution are the guidelines that will inspire our government to consolidate civil peace and prevent any form of manipulation in civil peace and security. This mission of preventing any form of manipulation in civil peace and security is the responsibility of legitimate national army and national security sources alone, and no other armaments will share this responsibility with the legitimate (national army and national security sources) arms. Therefore, the Cabinet commits to maintaining its support to the national army and security sources as well as to providing their equipment to be able to fulfill their tasks in protecting the Lebanese from threats and to fighting chaos, terrorism, and crimes while respecting constitutional liberties.

2. The government is committed to work on ending Israeli occupation to remaining Lebanese occupied territories; in addition to ending Israeli aggressive practices and spying operations that violate Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The government adheres to the right of Lebanon through its people, army and Resistance to liberate and retrieve the Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shouba Hills and the Lebanese part of the Ghajar Village, as well as to defend Lebanon in confronting any aggression through all legitimate and accessible means and to hold on to its right to use its water and oil resources and to consolidate its maritime borders.

3. The government will persist on working through national dialogue in order to unify the Lebanese position concerning a national and comprehensive strategy on protecting and defending Lebanon.

4. The government also confirms its commitment to the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 in all its articles and appeals to the United Nations to stop permanent Israeli violations and threats of Lebanon’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in order to fulfill the implementation of the resolution and move from stopping aggressive actions to reaching permanent cease fire. 

5. Moreover, the government stresses on the permanent cooperation between the Lebanese Armed Forces and UNIFIL in its assigned missions, taking into account, the positive relationship between southern Lebanese and UNIFIL and the high appreciation for UNIFIL sacrifices by all Lebanese.  

6. The government will abide to truce according to the Taef agreement and will request compensation regarding Israel’s continuous aggressions.

7. The government will seek to strengthen Lebanon’s fraternal relations with friendly countries. It highlights in this context the importance it attaches to deepening its relations with the European Union, international institutions and organizations in the context of cooperation, mutual respect and openness.

8. Our government is reiterating its will to continue implementing bilateral and multilateral agreements including the cooperation programs between Lebanon, friendly countries, international organizations and institutions, that will serve the high interest of Lebanon according to the constitution. 

9. Knowing the fact that the government is committed to respecting international resolutions, our government is determined to stimulate Lebanon’s presence in the U.N. and the international Security Council (in accordance with the non-permanent membership for this whole year). This will enable Lebanon to defend its rights and just issues especially the issue of Palestine in confronting Israeli aggressions including occupation of Lebanese and Syrian territories and Israeli violation of international laws. 

10. The government emphasizes on the importance of national dialogue as a need to resolve the political conflicts and to develop the culture of dialogue among the Lebanese. Our government is also concerned in the fulfillment of the national dialogue resolution related to ending armed Palestinian presence outside the camps and tackling the issue of security and weapons inside the camps while stressing on the fact that the protection and security of the Palestinians living in the camps is the responsibility of the government alone.

11. Knowing that our government respects international resolutions, the government is keen to reveal and expose the truth regarding the crime of the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and his companions. The government will follow the track of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that has been established in principle to prevail truth and justice away from any politicization or revenge in respect of avoiding any negative impact on Lebanon’s stability, unity and civil peace.


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