Barak’s Bombs and Old Habits

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Barak’s Bombs and Old Habits

Human beings grow accustomed to certain routines as a result of regular repetition. Repeat things often enough, and you end up doing them without any prior thought or contemplation – the wonders of the subconscious! Just like individuals, it would appear that states also share this trait. They pick up habits with the passage of time, and repeat them almost subconsciously (for the better or worse).

Two days ago, the War Minister … pardon me, Defense Minister of the Zionist State, Mr. Ehud Barak laid down a terrifying warning to all of his nation’s foes:

“On an average day of warfare around 50 tons of explosives are expected to fall on Israel from scattered weapons. We in turn are capable of firing 1,500 tons but in a very precise way.”

So, what’s to be read of Mr. Barak’s statements?

For one, it is a simple re-affirmation of an age-old habit. Violence, violence and yet more violence …

Second: Barak is keen, no doubt, to allay any concerns within Israel that he’s some sort of paper tiger. With Israeli society sliding to the right of the extreme right, the sabre-rattling of the so-called Left leaning Labour party is quite understandable.

Third: at a time of global economic austerity, Barak expectedly sings the usual mantra that secures US dollars in military aid.

The moral of the story: American taxpayers are not only responsible for bailing out the big banks, but they must also do the bank-rolling for Israel’s war of aggression.

The above-mentioned factors go unsaid. Forgive me for stating the obvious!

Strangely enough though, there is yet one far more blatant and obvious truth.

Did anyone else notice the strange maths at work in Barak’s statement? Here’s a man openly promising to “hit back” like a mad brute. The sort of mentality that says ‘take my cone of ice-cream, and I’ll blow your house to smithereens’.

Disproportionate violence, did I hear you say? Hell no, business as usual. (Read up on the Dahiya Doctrine. And yes, the bombs were incredibly “precise”)

For the sake of historical accuracy, let’s recall that the Zionist state doesn’t quibble much over the sequence in which violence takes place. A more accurate story line would read: ‘they steal your cone of ice-cream, blame you for the crime and then blow your house to smithereens’.

But as the Oval Office would no doubt affirm: ‘during testing times, there is no room for such semantics’. Quite fittingly, I suppose, international silence and blind US support for lunatics takes us back those old gremlins.


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