Dark Humour at the WSJ

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Dark Humour at the WSJ

Such have become the cavalier standards of modern western media that one no longer needs to dig into the archives to find duplicitous instances of yellow journalism on the Middle East. It’s now a daily occurrence.

Due to the ironies of fate and geography, as well as its dignified assertion of national sovereignty, Lebanon often finds itself the subject of news and commentary pieces that can best be described as so colossally ridiculous as to border on some warped form of humour.

With no lack of choice, Ariel Cohen’s piece “Behind the Israeli-Lebanese Gas Row” published on 26th July in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is today’s pick. As the title suggests, Cohen’s opinion article seeks to shed light on the maritime boundaries dispute between Lebanon and Israel.

To begin with, a bit about the author:

Ariel Cohen is a senior research fellow at the right-wing Heritage Foundation (HF). Readers will recall the organic relations between HF and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) as well as the now defunct neocon Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Enough said. As for Cohen’s personal predispositions, he authored a joint paper for the overtly Zionist Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) in 2010, which aimed to address “Israel’s current energy supply situation and [to] present the country’s energy security goals”.

Quite evidently, parameters on author impartiality do not feature at the WSJ when it comes to the Zionist state.

Moving to substance. His tortuous slog is a nauseating regurgitation of a very distinct reading that hops from Tehran, to Damascus, to land-to-sea missiles and eventually screeches to a halt in the underwater gas fields of the Mediterranean. How the above politicized narrative edifies the readership on what is essentially a very specific legal issue i.e. the delineation of maritime boundaries, would seem like a reasonable starting question.

Perhaps Mr. Cohen should have a skim through an article on the subject in the right-leaning Daily Star (Lebanon) by the slightly less sensationalist Nick Blanford and trod back to the real world.

In essence, the Lebanese government’s recourse to the UN has stuttered Tel Aviv’s ever-aggressive maniacs. The superfluous stream of rhetoric of the likes of Cohen serves to distract from key ground facts:

  • The Zionist state has violated, and continues to violate Lebanese sovereignty with chronic regularity – multiple wars of aggression, innumerable spy-rings, systematic infiltration of mobile communication networks, daily airspace violations, ground incursions, kidnapping of innocent shepherds etc etc.
  • Since its inception, the Zionist state has coveted Lebanese natural resources. For instance, the Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency had their eyes set on the Litani river as early as the last quarter of the 19th Century. Ariel Sharon’s declared lust for seizing the Litani surely factored into his calculations for the 1982 war.
  • The Zionist state suffers from a terminal allergy to the rule of law. Any mention of a universal legal framework shakes Tel Aviv to the bone. In reaction to any such suggestion, Zionist leaders and apologists often harp on endlessly about existential threats to their “fragile” desert oasis.

Pro-Zionist columnists like Cohen will obviously sing to a very specific tune. Less partial ones like Blanford will, on their part, diagnose some sense of paranoia to be the primary cause behind Lebanese anxiety.

Nevertheless, the facts of history clearly support Lebanon’s apprehensions and underline the necessity of closely monitoring the actions of its avowed enemy.


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