A Society of Resistance

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A Society of Resistance

In recent months, local Lebanese media outlets have been recounting stories of backroom political manoeuvrings and shuttlings during the 2006 war. The western hemisphere, together with Israeli society, has been tight-lipped on the day-to-days, lasting impacts and legacies of the war. A war that is widely read to be of joint US-Israeli design is virtually being effaced from the collective memory right before our eyes. Well, what are the possible causes?

For one, stories of defeat are painfully hard to tell for powers that have lived in self-contained bubbles of invincibility. Secondly, the documentary record establishes beyond any doubt that the war was─in contrast to the popular media narrative─of Israeli making with unmistakable US backing. And finally, Zionist conduct during the war speaks of a barbarity that could send chills down the spines of the most vindictive gangsters.

But that is far from the whole story of the war, nor is it a full prognosis for western and Zionist amnesia.

One of the most striking aspects of the war was that of the untold, daily bravery by common Lebanese citizens. Stories of sacrifice, generosity and a profound sense of responsibility and unity.

The blood-blinded ferocity of the Zionist aggression in the early days and weeks of the war led to thousands of internally displaced persons─innocents who had to flee their homes penniless, with little to zero belongings and basic rations. When confronted by this, and bearing in mind the constraints that the reality of war impresses on the reach that governments can have, it would be a given to expect a humanitarian catastrophe.

What transpired in the summer of 2006 in Lebanon was however a tale that ought to be etched into the pages of history so that it can serve as an inspiration for future generations. The displaced were welcomed with open arms and even warmer hearts─honourable men and women in the various towns and cities of Lebanon did not ‘tolerate’ their fellows, but they welcomed them into their homes as dignified heroes. The barriers of socio-economic divisions, religion and sect were shattered in an instant by the overwhelming power of human empathy, generosity and an unclouded perspicacity that understood the gravity and necessities of the moment.

This profound human factor in the war is vastly understated. This aspect is perhaps one of the greatest credits to Lebanon─the smallest of the Middle Eastern nations, with a troubled past, overcame, and indeed terrified, its enemies through its collective human conscience. A legacy that must be retold and honoured; to the Lebanese before the rest of the world.

If the seeds of resistance are sowed deep in the human yearning for dignity and liberation, then the war of 2006 definitively established that Lebanon, as a whole, stands as a society of resistance. A society whose sum is inexplicably greater than its parts, which soars high above the destructive selfishness of its enemies through a paradigm of responsibility, moral duty and unfettered altruism.


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  1. AbeBird says:

    Let’s not forget that there is no any unique “Lebanese people”. The Lebanese society is based of various different fractions and religions that very little ties between them. That’s why Lebanon finds herself in a perpetual interim war. Don’t blame Israel; don’t attack Israel in order to export your problems and faults to some foreign victim. As a matter of fact, in order to cure the Lebanese society I would recommend you to make peace with Israel, because as a matter of fact your Lebanon has no real dispute with Israel.

    • Ali says:

      What you deem to be a shortcoming is perhaps one of the greatest credits to Lebanese society. The diversity of Lebanese society and the basis on which it defines citizenship is a complete anti-thesis of the racist foundations for the state of Israel. Chalk and cheese would be an understatement…

      The state of Israel came into existence through the pillaging and systematic dispossession of an entire nation just because they were not of a particular “race”. It is this archaic and inherently confrontational outlook—at the heart of the Zionist project—that is responsible for historically blighting Lebanon through multiple wars and a painful legacy of occupation.

      The shadow of Israeli terror continues to loom large up to the present day as evidenced by the tens of armed spy-rings uncovered over the last year or so as well as expressed Zionist greed for Lebanon’s natural gas resources, to name but a few.

      As with all nations, Lebanon certainly faces its unique set of internal challenges. What is unquestionable however is that the trigger-happy state of Israel—with its distinguished history of repeated aggressions—represents one of the most salient and real threats to Lebanon’s sovereignty and interests.

  2. Che Guevara says:

    AbeBird, I do not know if I need to laugh when I read your comments. Lebanon always had an issue with Israel considering that it have attacked Lebanon since it existence. I do not have to remind you of the thousands of Lebanese that have been killed on the hands of the Israeli during after the invasions of Lebanon. I recommend that you get you some history books and read about them before making comments. Also to us it is called PALESTINE and forever will be called PALESTINE. We will never forget.

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