Days of Audacity

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Days of Audacity

by Brenda Heard


It is a toss-up.  Which deserves the star for ‘audacity of the day’?  On the one hand, we have the Israeli government—on the day after its military shot dead some fifteen unarmed Palestinian protestors in Lebanon and on the border of Syria’s occupied Golan Heights—we have the Israeli government filing an official complaint with the United Nations against Lebanon and Syria:

‘Israel has filed complaints with the UN Security Council against Syria and Lebanon, for the violence perpetrated by the two nations’ citizens near Israel’s borders during Sunday’s “Nakba Day” events.  The [Israeli] Foreign Ministry has instructed the Israeli mission in New York to submit the two complaints to the UN secretary-general and to the president of the Security Council. The ministry stated in the complaints that the responsibility for the citizens’ deaths lies with the governments that are in charge of preventing riots.’

[note: ‘the two nations’ citizens’? have the protesters not been identified as Palestinian refugees, who do not hold citizenship in their resident nations?]

And on the other hand, we have the Ynet op-ed:  ‘There will be no return: Time has come to tell Palestinian refugees they will not be returning to State of Israel’ by award-winning Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea:

‘Yet those who wish to live in the sovereign, Zionist and democratic State of Israel have no other option but to keep telling our [Arab] cousins:  With all due respect, what’s in the past is in the past.  We are destined to share:  We shall return our settlers to our country; you will absorb your refugees in your country.  You will not be returning to Israel’.

But we are forced to wonder: Did not those who wished to create a Jewish State invoke the past Biblical times and the past World War times to lay claim to Palestine?  Were the Jewish people not sharing Palestine with the Arab people before 1948?  If the State of Israel is so democratic, why are its Arab citizens subservient to its Jewish citizens?  And how does ‘sharing’ translate into ‘it is ours, now get out and stay out’?

It makes you wonder.

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