A Wake-Up Call for Lebanese National Unity

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A Wake-Up Call for Lebanese National Unity

Recently the Israeli daily Haaretz ran a story highlighting Israeli Army preparations for the next wave of aggressions against Lebanon. Published under the rather sensational title WATCH: IDF prepares for tunnel warfare in future Lebanon, Gaza conflicts‘, the article explicitly seeks to reassure the Israeli public that its war dogs will correct past failures and ‘get it right’ next time round.

To begin with, it is apparent that the paper suffers from virtual ink-space constraints. The author, Gili Cohen, obviously did not have room to raise straight-forward questions like: ‘what drastically different approach will these war dogs take, which they somehow failed to enact in nearly two-decades of direct military occupation?’; or perhaps, ‘how does this new bravado measure up against the simple reality of Israel’s startling military failures of the July 2006 war?’

But that’s not the real cookie-winner. Buried towards the end of the piece are the mind-blowing words of an evidently amnesiac Zionist high-ranking officer:

“Occupation is the only narrative that can provide an image of victory” … “A state in which both sides continue firing at each other is bad. Best case scenario – it’s a tie, and a tie is a loss, which will not do. We need to occupy the territory.”

One would expect that some sense of reality might have dawned on the nation’s war generals after the scathing criticisms of the Winograd commission (particularly concerning the issue of having well-defined and achievable war aims). It seems however, that Zionist military officials have locked themselves in an Alice in Wonderland like dream-world where military calculations are governed by the limitless reveries of a fictive realm. ‘Same old, same old’, one is inclined to say.

At the same time though, there is another angle from which one can view these words. We have the massive misfortune of having an irrational, racist and expansionist entity whose war drums never stop beating at our gates. Such words should serve, then, as a clear wake-up call for us to get our acts together.

Weakness, internal strife and defeatism are simply not options in the face of such an enemy. Even more specifically, if we have learnt anything from the experiences of the past three decades, it is that the only formula for success is national unity.

In this respect, we should pay particular attention to the ‘quality’ of our reactions to the tumultuous regional events which have mired the domestic debate in recent months. Sadly, the bunker mentality of ‘erecting walls’ at the first chance still lingers across sections of the political spectrum.

It is important to acknowledge, in no unclear terms, that those who ‘aggravate’ (note, aggravate) the internal situation under the influence of regional ‘bloc-politics’ are simply undermining the national interest for their own narrow gains. Whilst we can agree to have divergent readings on the regional situation, it is imperative not to lose sight of the crude reality of our present situation. To do so, would be no less demented than the utterances of the Zionist military official.


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