The White Supremacy of Zionism

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The White Supremacy of Zionism

by Brenda Heard

Perhaps it was the audacity of quoting Martin Luther King’s dream speech, one of history’s most eloquent pleas for racial equality.  Perhaps it was how the Israeli political party mocked King’s rhetorical style, telling African asylum seekers to forget the Jewish gated community, to instead “Go forth and implement this [King’s dream] in Sudan and Eritrea.” Or perhaps it was just the absurdity of the party denying its racist motivations in telling the Africans they would be jailed if they persisted in “ruining our [Zionist] dream” designed for only “decent human beings”.  With these and many other points, a recent Mondoweiss news article, along with its linked articles (Reuters and Ynet) left me asking yet again: are the world’s Zionist supporters blind or simply likewise racist?

I suspect it was sheer desperation that led the Sudanese and Eritreans to seek refuge in a place so openly hostile to non-Jewish.  While illegal immigration is a legitimate issue, the difficulty lies not just in the new harsh laws curtailing migration, but in a fundamental attitude of white supremacy.  The Shas Party that twisted the work of Martin Luther King is indeed chaired by Eli Yishai: Israeli Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister.  Yishai stated that

“The [African] infiltrators along with the Palestinians will quickly bring us to the end of the Zionist dream. . . . Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man”.

He may wear a suit rather than the white robe and hood of the KKK, but his words are no less repugnant.  Is Yishai alone in his racism? Hardly.  Israeli parliament member Aryeh Eldad stated that “Anyone that penetrates Israel’s border should be shot, a Swedish tourist, Sudanese from Eritrea, Eritreans from Sudan, Asians from Sinai. Whoever touches Israel’s border – shot”.  It seems he’s a bit overanxious to show he’s not a white supremacist, as he’s happy to shoot the blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedes as well.

In regard to the Africans, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently stated, “The problem of the infiltrators must be solved and we will solve it”.  More detention centres, more massive walls, more of the racist violence that has been endured by the Palestinians for decades.

In the early morning hours of Monday, the 4th of June, the Jerusalem apartment home of ten Eritreans was firebombed; graffiti sprayed on the walls of the building said: “Get out of the neighbourhood”.  As the Guardian reports, this attack “follows a series of firebombings in southern Tel Aviv – an area in which African migrants are concentrated – including apartments and a kindergarten.  Shops run by or serving migrants were smashed up and looted in a violent demonstration last month, in which Africans were attacked”.

While there is a “Hotline for Migrant Workers” based in Tel Aviv, it has received threatening phone calls— “people cursing and saying ugly things, like, ‘We hope you will be raped and we are coming to burn you.’

Do these incidents not recall the viciously racist actions of the KKK?  The separation walls along Palestinian communities and those being built along the Egyptian and Lebanese borders are all symbols of blocking out “the other”.  This racist paranoia can lead to nothing but disaster for all.  Is this hateful violence the dream described by the Israeli Shas Party as the “positive potential of the human race”?


by Brenda Heard

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