Resisting Israeli politics

On March 25, 2015, in Articles, by admin

Resisting Israeli Politics by Brenda Heard Six months prior to the upcoming UK general election, the Board of Deputies of British Jews published its “2015 General Election Jewish Manifesto.” This forty-page document urges both existing and prospective members of the UK Parliament to support various “policy asks” and to “champion these causes.”  The Manifesto was […]

The Roots of Israeli Behavior: Sabotage Peace at any Cost

On March 31, 2012, in Articles, by admin

The Roots of Israeli Behavior:  Sabotage Peace at any Cost By Adrian Salbuchi On the morning of 17th March 1992, a tremendous explosion ripped through downtown Buenos Aires.  A fashionable 3-storey building housing the Israeli Embassy had been terror-bombed, collapsing into itself.  The powerful shockwave broke windows and plaster in buildings on the corner of […]