Desperate People, Hazardous Escapes

On March 9, 2015, in Articles, by admin

Desperate People, Hazardous Escapes by Graham Peebles Besieged by civil war, poverty and violent repression, huge numbers of people are risking their lives making the hazardous journey from Tripoli or Benghazi across the Mediterranean to Italy. Crammed into unsafe, poorly maintained vessels, thousands of vulnerable men, women and children are leaving their homes in search […]

The White Supremacy of Zionism

On June 5, 2012, in blog posts, by admin

The White Supremacy of Zionism by Brenda Heard Perhaps it was the audacity of quoting Martin Luther King’s dream speech, one of history’s most eloquent pleas for racial equality.  Perhaps it was how the Israeli political party mocked King’s rhetorical style, telling African asylum seekers to forget the Jewish gated community, to instead “Go forth […]