Resisting Israeli politics

On March 25, 2015, in Articles, by admin

Resisting Israeli Politics by Brenda Heard Six months prior to the upcoming UK general election, the Board of Deputies of British Jews published its “2015 General Election Jewish Manifesto.” This forty-page document urges both existing and prospective members of the UK Parliament to support various “policy asks” and to “champion these causes.”  The Manifesto was […]

Birds of Prey: the Record of Impunity for Israeli Military Aircraft

On February 17, 2013, in Articles, by admin

Birds of Prey: the Record of Impunity for Israeli Military Aircraft By Brenda Heard   Since March 1978, for thirty-five years, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, has been monitoring the conflict between Israel and Lebanon— the tension, the daring, the mayhem, the killing.  The enthusiastic efforts UNIFIL made in the early years […]

Stirring things up

On November 24, 2011, in blog posts, by admin

Stirring things up by Peter Eyre Could it be that the US, UK and France are persuading the Arab League to take action and are we about to see another “Libya Style Massacre” (sorry I meant to have said “an action to save lives”!!) We have seen the US attempt to take the pressure of […]

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Goodbye to International Law – An Analysis

On September 23, 2011, in Articles, by admin

Goodbye to International Law – An Analysis By Lawrence Davidson   Part I – The Erosion Universal Jurisdiction   Back on 12 February 2011 I put out an analysis on the subject of Universal Jurisdiction. Here is the first paragraph from the piece: “One of the really progressive acts that followed the end of World […]