Challenge: Send us your ideas


There are now many, many “friends” around the world who support the concept of building a better and more peaceful Lebanon. We feel that to achieve our goal requires information and communication. As the French philosopher Emile Chartier said, “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.”

With this in mind, then, Friends of Lebanon would like to invite news editorial articles for publication on this website. Articles may be directly or indirectly concerned with Lebanon. Submissions should be in English, between 500—3000 words in length.

While all points of view are welcome, please note that we will not publish any article deemed racist or inflammatory. Our goal is to provoke examination of ideas: why is a situation what it is? How and why did a situation develop? What are its ramifications? What can we learn from a situation? Is it being justly represented in the media? Assertions should be documented where appropriate, using primary sources when possible.

Lebanon is a diamond: a valuable gem that shines all the more for its many facets and colours. Friends of Lebanon is here for all of us to view and examine its complexities. Let us hear from you.