Friends of Lebanon Constitution


Article I: Name

The name of this organisation will be Friends of Lebanon. Its logo will be as depicted above. It may be referred to by the abbreviated version “FOL”.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organisation is to foster the building of a better and more peaceful Lebanon. To this end, this organisation encourages transparent, sincere and respectful dialogue amongst those with an interest in Lebanon, both foreign and domestic. This organisation has no political or religious agenda.


Article III: Aims

To share a more realistic presentation of Lebanon with those whose only knowledge of the country may be a distorted view or misrepresentation from the media
To provide a community to bring together those who already know and love Lebanon
To enable a peaceful, autonomous Lebanon, independent from offensive agents, be they politically or economically manipulative, or be they belligerent by way of threat or physical action against the security and stability of Lebanon
To develop and support conferences, lectures and public awareness events that promote peaceful Lebanese community relations, both internal and external, through educated understanding of the issues that impact Lebanon

Article IV: Membership

Membership is open and free of cost to all people regardless of race, nationality, political or religious affiliation. The only criterion shall be the legitimate support of the stated purpose of the organisation. “Membership” is a token of support of the purpose and aims of the organisation; it entails no obligation to take on duties or responsibilities within the organisation. The degree of activity within the organisation is strictly up to the individual. Events hosted by the organisation will be open to the general public up to the maximum capacity of the venue.

Article V: Finance

All monies collected by the organisation, either from sale of products or from donations, will be used
To defray the costs of products sold to bolster support, for example flags and t-shirts
To defray the costs of publicity items, for example flyers of upcoming events
To defray the costs of ongoing activities and events hosted by the organisation, for example lectures and documentary film screenings
Any monies collected by the organisation will be immediately invested back into the ongoing work of the organisation and shall at no time be kept for the personal profit of any member of the organisation

Article VI: Terms and Conditions

1) Definitions: “Friends of Lebanon” is an organisation founded in London, UK, in July 2006. “Membership” is a token of support of the purpose and aims of the organisation as described in this document; “membership” entails no obligation to take on duties or responsibilities within the organisation. The “director” of Friends of Lebanon has ultimate responsibility for the events, activities and website of Friends of Lebanon. Additional administrative roles are assigned by the director and are taken on a voluntary basis; there is no financial recompense.

2) Clarification: The ongoing work of Friends of Lebanon is to foster a “better and more peaceful Lebanon”. The term “better” is subjective by nature. It is here meant to indicate a situation in which all Lebanese are equal in stature and are thus able to choose those aspects of Lebanese culture which appeal to them. “Better” is defined by the individual Lebanese; “peaceful” gives him the opportunity to do so. “Peaceful” is here meant as the absence of violence and the threat of violence. While there is an inherent obligation to defend oneself against external aggression, the ultimate goal is a community of cooperation, free from internal or external hostilities. Friends of Lebanon denounces the use of offensive violence.

2) Intellectual Property and Copyright: The News Editorials published on the Friends of Lebanon website remain the sole property of the attributed authors. All “guest writer” News Editorials published on the Friends of Lebanon website have been included with explicit permission from the authors.

3) Risk and Responsibility: The Announcements and Calendar Sections of the Friends of Lebanon website refer to the products and events of organisations and individuals not associated with Friends of Lebanon. The quality and content of those products and events are the responsibility of the sources cited.

4) Intent: When Friends of Lebanon refers to a country, it is to the current government of that country. While Friends of Lebanon may analyse the efficacy of a governmental agenda, it in no way intends to categorise or judge any group of people. Friends of Lebanon denounces any form of racism.

5) Reliability: Any information put forth by Friends of Lebanon is done so in good faith. In order to ensure the most accurate and reliable information, Friends of Lebanon aims to use primary, first-hand information whenever possible; otherwise, Friends of Lebanon will refer to information consistently reported from reputable sources. Citations are given as needed; readers are encouraged to view original sources of information.

Article VII: Contact Details

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