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Friends of Lebanon aims to promote a deeper understanding of the issues effecting Lebanon and its prospects for a peaceful future.  This suggested resource list is not intended to be an endorsement.  Rather, items listed below are resources for research that provide practical information and that prompt contemplation and dialogue.

This is a work in progress.  If you would like to suggest an online resource, please email details to us at:

The following websites are major hubs for general information and additional links.  Many are trilingual.



See Now it is official: Israeli campaign to control Wikipedia content


Culture and Tourism:

Whether your interest in Lebanon is business or pleasure, here is the official information you need.

The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism’s guide to the what, where and how to visit Lebanon.

A collection of videos from the Lebanese people, showing a side of Lebanon not seen on international TV.

“Taste Lebanon” offers tour packages for a unique culinary voyage through Lebanon.

A visually rewarding culinary guide to Lebanon, complete with Western-friendly recipes.

Detailed descriptions of the museum’s 1300+ archaeological artefacts from periods ranging from Prehistory to Ottoman times.

A treasure trove of photos, maps, media, directories….everything you need to discover Lebanese culture.

A great collection of links to anything and everything about Lebanon.

The Lebanese National News Agency’s collection of articles on the unique cultural offerings of various Lebanese regions and villages.

A tourist guide with all you need to plan an independent or group tour of Lebanon.

Quick links and loads of information on getting to and around Lebanon.

Your critical guide to Beirut’s nightlife, arts, culture and events.

A vast review of what is new and exciting in Beirut and beyond.

Categorised links to virtually anything Lebanese.

Euromed Audiovisual Programme’s updated news on the Lebanese film industry.

An individual’s blog surveying Lebanese films since 2007.

Turning Point is a publishing and distributing house based in Beirut that’s dedicated to publishing high-quality books on a Lebanese and Middle Eastern theme, specializing in guides, lifestyle, wellness, novels and humor titles as well as children’s books.

Portfolio of the award-winning Lebanese photographer Munir Nasr.



Employment Opportunities:



Official website of the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon: information, news, interviews, speeches.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of the Republic of Lebanon: info on Lebanese Embassies, Missions, Consulates, Honorary Consulates abroad

Current practical information regarding visiting or living in Lebanon.

Government portal for information and forms: This site provides information to conduct government business transactions and practical information on government-run services.

Official Lebanese Army website, providing history, information and news.

The site for the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Lebanon offers an overview as well as current news on bilateral relations between the EU and Lebanon.  Includes fact sheets describing the main programmes and projects funded in Lebanon by the EU and its 28 Member States.



News and Political Analysis:

Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU) provides a wealth of resources—articles, books, videos, links to additional information. A must for any researcher.

Lebanon reports from blogs and citizen media worldwide, with emphasis on voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media.

Lebanese national news agency—current developments.

A hyperlinked list of online Lebanese newspapers, noting which languages are available in addition to Arabic.

Collection of links to news, history, culture and more.

Links to all the major Lebanese tv and radio stations.

‘Executive’ offers news and analyses with in-depth coverage of current issues facing corporate Lebanon and the Lebanese economy.

This multilingual website offers speeches by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah party) translated into numerous languages.  A controversial topic, this site provides context to the frequently published soundbites.


Major online Lebanese newspapers in English:


History and Organisational Reports (see also UN below):

Extensive photo-journalism collection documenting Lebanese history back to the 1940s. and

A gallery of photojournalism covering over 100 years of cultural and political history of Lebanon and the Middle East.

This web site gives the chronologies, from approximately 1945 onwards, of countries in which the US and UK governments have intervened.

“Persona Non Grata: The Expulsion of Lebanese Civilians from  Israeli-Occupied Lebanon,” a detailed 98-page report by  Human Rights Watch, July 1999.

“The Families of people missing in connection with the armed conflicts that have occurred in Lebanon since 1975: an assessment of their needs,” International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC), 20 June 2013

“Country report Lebanon: ICRC survey on the impact of armed conflict on civilians, views from Lebanon,” International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC), 09 February 2010

Summary and statistical overview of the International Committee for the Red Cross in Lebanon, including links to additional reports.

“Lebanon humanitarian crisis,” World Health Organization, various reports July 2006—October 2007

“Lebanon: Key protection needs remain among conflict-affected communities, despite cessation in hostilities,” Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, 30 August 2006.

“Lebanon: Israeli military operations continue to cause largescale displacement,” Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, 27 July 2006.

Atlas Assistance Lebanon

United Nations:

Complete collection of UN General Assembly Resolutions since 1946.

Complete collection of UN Security Council Resolutions since 1946.

The “United Nations Bibliographic Information System” is a catalogue of UN documents and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva.  It also provides links to voting records of the General Assembly and Security Council since 1946, plus links to speeches since 1982/83.  Additional links to help navigate the UN online.

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon—history of its work.

Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations: very useful for research.  Includes photos, videos, statements, records, debates, meetings, resolutions, reports, country facts and more.

The UN Web TV Channel offers selected live programming of UN meetings and events as well as pre-recorded video features and documentaries on various global issues. Multi-lingual, filtered search options.

The website of the United Nations System in Lebanon, providing extensive information on the sixteen different organizations of the United Nations present and/or active in Lebanon.

Office of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon–background and current news on UN activities in Lebanon.

United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon (UNDP): “bringing global perspective and local insights together to help empower lives and build resilient nations.”  Offers descriptive and statistical overviews of the daily issues facing Lebanon.

UN Human Rights Council report on the July 2006 War: “Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Lebanon pursuant to Human Rights Council Resolution S-2/1,” Geneva,  A/HRC/3/2 (10 November 2006).

UN Human Rights Council Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, A/HRC/12/48 (25 September 2009). Commonly referred to as the “Goldstone Report.”  Section XVI “Objectives and Strategy of Israel’s Military Operations in Gaza” gives particular attention to Lebanon.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Lebanon operations profile.  A wealth of data on the refugee situations.



(See also Books and films Lebanon and the Middle East, Documentaries)

Visit the golden age of Lebanon in the 1960’s (3:33)

“Live Love Lebanon” — the Lebanon that doesn’t make the news (0:57)


Historical sites of Lebanon (4:39)


“Taste Lebanon” offers tour packages for a unique culinary voyage through Lebanon (4:29)


The History of Lebanon Wars (2004 documentary; 85 segments, 720 minutes total–follow links on YouTube to multiple parts)


West Beirut, a 1998 Lebanese drama written and directed by Ziad Doueiri, following two young male students who experience the outbreak of civil war. (1:45:37)


The 33 Days War (Al Manar documentary on the July 2006 War, 52:04)


A video guide to the cultural history of Lebanon (34:58)


It’s about time, Lebanon (Overview of the history of Lebanese politics, 12:32)


April 1976 broadcast of Thames Television’s “This Week: The Agony of Lebanon.” At one year into the Civil War, it stresses that the conflict was due not to religious differences, but economic ones. (26:23)


Dear Lebanon: A Teenage Perspective of Bombings, Religion and Politics.  A film by Raphael Schanz; (trailer 1:30)


SmiLebanon: “What is the secret that keeps this small planet going? Strange how it never lost its spark. Is it because there are people who still know how to love? And hope for a better tomorrow. . . Is it because there are people who still know how to smile? Our smile changes everything.” (1:00)


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